Media Guidelines

The Media Guide (PDF 200 KB) contains information to assist the media in reporting on the 2017 State election.

All media enquiries (including requests for interviews) are handled centrally by the Commission and we ask that they be addressed to our media mailbox Enquiries will be dealt with promptly.

The Commission’s election call centre should NOT be contacted for media enquiries; it will be more expeditious to contact the media mailbox. Individual Returning Officers should only be contacted to obtain permission to film or photograph in a polling place or to check localised information such as when the ballot paper draw will be conducted in a particular electoral district.  

Please note that the Commission’s independent and impartial role generally precludes us from commenting on matters that relate directly to political campaigning, such as statements made by one candidate or political party about another.

Further information relating to the election timetable and procedures is available online at

Media outlets are free to re-publish any of the information in this Guide, or on the Commission’s website, or to link their own website to the elections website. Feedback is welcome.