Media Responsibilities

This information is intended as a resource for the media in understanding their responsibilities in various aspects of the election process. Should you require further information please contact the Media Mailbox.

Entering polling places

Filming may take place in the polling place where:

  • prior approval is obtained from the Returning Officer
  • pictures do not reveal how a person is voting or has voted
  • electors involved are agreeable
  • electors and polling staff are not inconvenienced or unduly delayed.

Members of the media may enter a polling place to cast their vote in their capacity as an elector.

Exit polling

There is a restriction on the collection, canvassing, soliciting or inviting of signatures or comments for the purpose of any petition, opinion poll or survey, or the distribution of any information for such a purpose, within 100 metres in all directions from any entrance of a polling place.

Electors cannot be compelled to divulge how they voted.

Reporting on polling day  

The Commission recognises the interest in the process of polling day and establishing an election result in a quick timeframe. However the Commission is committed to ensuring an accurate result, conducted in accordance with relevant legislation and will only publish figures once they are confirmed.  

The Commission’s media contact will be available on polling day to organise interviews and keep the media informed.


The Commission's website will progressively update results as the information becomes available after the counting of votes.

Should a live feed of results data be required, please contact the Commission's media contact.