Local Government Elections – 19 October 2019

The results of all 90 local government elections conducted by the WA Electoral Commission have been declared.
There were a number of close counts which required recounts to be conducted and subsequently, in a number of elections five or less votes separated a winning candidate from the next closest. 

Once all data is available, a final state-wide participation rate of around 28.5% is likely. This is lower than the last elections in 2017 where 34.5% was reached but is aligned with the trend of previous participation rates: 27.76% in 2013 and 27.5% in 2015.

Some WAEC elections statistics:

  • The Commission managed elections for 90 of the State’s 139 local governments.
  • 1,029 candidates nominated for 445 vacancies in 169 elections. 
  • There were 11 elections where candidates were elected unopposed.
  • 1,532,660 postal packages were mailed to electors enrolled in districts or wards where a contested postal ballot was being conducted.
  • The Shire of Victoria Plains (West Ward) recorded a participation rate of 76% and in the Shire of Carnarvon participation increased by 8.72%.