Time running out to vote in local government elections

Electors in the local governments of Perth, Port Hedland and Perenjori are reminded that they can vote for council positions in elections to be held on 17 October 2020.  

To make your vote count, your ballot papers must be received by the returning officer by 6:00pm on Saturday 17 October 2020

Electors, who were enrolled to vote at the close of rolls 28 August 2020, should have received voting packages in the mail by now including ballot papers and a return reply paid envelope. To make sure we get your vote in time you should post it back to the Electoral Commission by Monday 12 October 2020. If you haven’t received your voting package you can contact your local government directly to arrange a replacement. 

If you think it may be too late to post your vote back then drop it off by hand to:

  • an electoral official at the local government office during business hours before election day; or
  • at the polling place (the local government office) on election day (17 October 2020) between 8am and 6pm.

Make sure you have your say on who will make up your local government council.

Background information: The Western Australian Electoral Commission is conducting these elections on behalf of the City of Perth, Town of Port Hedland and Shire of Perenjori under s.4.13 of the Local Government Act, following the declaration of all members’ offices as vacant.

The next scheduled local government ordinary elections across the State will be held in October 2021.