Postal vote applications from political parties

Some electors have contacted the Commission having received postal vote applications and reply-paid envelopes from political parties in the mail. 

If you use a postal vote application received from a political party the application will be sent to the Electoral Commission for processing but it is likely that your personal details will firstly be collected by the political party for the purposes of sending you their how to vote material.

It is not illegal or fraudulent for political parties to do this: the Commission is required by legislation to provide a copy of an elector’s address and date of birth from the electoral roll to a parliamentary political party. Parliamentary political parties can only use the information provided for specific purposes set out in legislation.

Address information for silent electors is not shown in the WA Electoral Roll, is not accessible by anyone, including political parties, and remains secure.

People who receive an application for a postal vote from a parliamentary political party are under no obligation to return it to that party. 

The quickest and easiest way to apply for a postal vote is by visiting the Commission’s website or by calling 13 63 06.

The Electoral Commission only sends out application forms to those electors who request one directly by contacting the Commission. It is only after an application for a postal vote is received and processed by the Electoral Commission that a postal vote package – which includes ballot papers and secure envelopes – is sent to an elector. Political parties are not a part of this process.