State Electoral Roll closes this Thursday

The State Electoral Roll will close this Thursday (11 February) and people are being encouraged to check they’re correctly enrolled if their circumstances have changed since the last State Election in 2017.

Enrolment details can easily be checked – and enrolment details updated – online via the WA Electoral Commission website at where there are links to check and update enrolment details.

New enrolments can also be completed from this website. People can enrol to vote or update their details any time from now until the closure of the rolls at 6pm on Thursday.

Electoral Commissioner Robert Kennedy said being enrolled to vote was the first step in being part of the State Election.

“If you’ve moved house since the last election, you may also have moved electorates so it’s important to update your enrolled address,” Mr Kennedy said.

“If you’ve re-located to WA since the last election, you should also get on to the WA State Electoral Roll.

“If you’re 18, or turning 18 on or before March 13, this will be your first opportunity to vote in a State Election, so enrol and don’t let the opportunity go by.”

Around 1.7 million Western Australians are currently eligible to cast a vote, and that number is expected to grow as the election gets closer.

The 2021 State Election is on Saturday 13 March and the Electoral Commission is also asking people to plan how, when and where they are going to vote.

“Last week’s lockdown was a good reminder that if people have concerns about voting in person on election day, there are early voting and postal voting options available,” Mr Kennedy said.

“Anyone concerned about voting in person can apply for a postal vote.

“This can be done online at or people can contact the Commission’s Call Centre (13 63 06) to have an application form posted out.

“There will also be extensive opportunities for early voting: around 70 early voting centres will operate from Wednesday 24 February and there is no requirement for electors to provide a reason for voting early, either in person or by post.”