Close of Nominations Statistics

Nominations for the March 2021 State general election have closed and ballot papers are now being prepared for early and postal voting.

There are 19 political parties and a total of 788 candidates contesting this election, approximately 10% more candidates than in the 2017 State general election. Candidates for the Legislative Assembly increased by 12.3% and candidates for the Legislative Council increased by 6.6%.

The electoral district with the largest number of candidates is Albany where electors will have to number the boxes on their ballot paper from 1 to 12 in the order of their preference.

At the close of enrolment on Thursday 11 February there were 1,716,732 electors eligible to vote in the State general election. This is an increase of 123,510 electors since the last State general election four years ago, a 7.75% increase.