Return of Writ

The return of the election writ to the State Governor today marks the formal and legal closure of the 2021 Western Australian State Election.

There are 36 new Members of the State Parliament. The 41st State Parliament of Western Australia will formally open on Thursday 29 April.

The 2021 State Election saw a number of new initiatives. Seventy Early Voting Centres were set up across the state and a total of 585,774 votes were cast at EVCs, with 86,548 cast on Friday 12 March, the day before election day.  
The Commission also had a total of 169,301 postal vote packages returned, which meant a total of 755,075 votes – more than half – were cast before election day.

A total of 1,467,159 votes were counted.

Over 7000 people worked at Early Voting Centres, polling places or processing centres over the course of the election.

An extensive review of election operations and procedures is carried out after every State Election and this is under way now.

The Electoral Commission will also now be turning its attention to local government extraordinary elections over the coming few months and Western Australia’s local government elections, due in October.