How to use iVote

Access iVote by Internet or touch tone telephone.

1. Register for iVote

  • Make a declaration that you are eligible to use iVote.
  • When registering you may need to also provide a secondary form of identification i.e. Medicare or Passport number.
  • Provide a 6 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • You will receive (by SMS preferred) a unique 8 digit iVote number.

2. Vote with iVote

  • Enter your 6 digit PIN and unique 8 digit iVote number to access voting.
  • Instructions for voting are displayed or read out to you.
  • Ballot papers are shown on screen or read out to you.
  • Select the candidates you wish to vote for.
  • Check and confirm your choices.
  • Submit your vote when complete.
  • A unique 12 digit receipt number will be issued once you have voted.

3. Verify (Optional)

  • Verification of iVote is no longer available