What is iVote®

iVote® is the Commission's online and telephone voting system which was available for the 2017 State general election. iVote® is a registered trademark of the NSW Electoral Commission. The registration symbol will not be used throughout the rest of this website.

What is the iVote system?

The iVote system is a form of voting using a telephone or the internet at a location of your choice. iVote is compatible with a number of screen reader software.

Who can use the iVote system?

iVote is available to people enrolled to vote in WA who cannot vote without assistance because they:

  • have insufficient literacy skills
  • are blind or sight impaired
  • are otherwise incapacitated.

How do I register for iVote?

The following information illustrates the registration process:

  • You must be on the electoral roll
  • You will need to make a declaration that you are eligible to use iVote
  • You will need to provide a 6 digit personal identification number (PIN)
  • You may need to also provide a secondary form of identification i.e. Medicare or Passport number
  • Your iVote number will be sent to you via your nominated method, either SMS, email, letter or phone.