Student elections teacher's pack

Ballot box loan program

Information sheets

Why should I enrol? (PDF, 375 kB)
Voting in State elections (PDF, 338 kB)
How to make your vote count (PDF, 320 kB)
What happens in a polling place? (PDF, 339 kB)
How to make your vote count on election day (PDF, 337 kB)

History of democratic government in Western Australia (PDF, 784 kB)
Electoral boundaries in Western Australia (PDF, 344 kB)
Formality of votes in a State Election (PDF, 356 kB)

Local government elections (PDF)

What is a referendum? (PDF, 340 kB)

Understanding preferential voting (PDF, 243 kB)
Understanding proportional representation (PDF, 252 kB)

Activity sheets

State Government

Activity 1: WA Premiers (PDF, 205 kB)
Activity 2: Word Sleuth (PDF, 372 kB)
Activity 3: Features of the Western Australian Parliament (PDF, 291 kB)
Activity 4: What is Our State Parliament? (PDF, 458 kB)
Information Sheet: WA Premiers (PDF, 347 kB)

Local Government

Activity 1: Word Sleuth (PDF, 313 kB)
Activity 2: Belonging to a Community (PDF, 217 kB)
Activity 3: Structure and Function of Local Government (PDF, 311 kB)
Activity 4: Election Fever Game (PDF, 318 kB)

Activity sheets are available for groups visiting the Electoral Education Centre (EEC) at no cost. The EEC can also send resources to schools and community groups on request, but this does not generally include class sets. Contact the EEC for more information.

Useful Links

WAElections on Facebook

Western Australian Electoral Legislation

Western Australian Electoral Boundaries

Western Australian Parliament

The Francis Burt Law Education Centre

Constitutional Centre of Western Australia

Australian Electoral Commission


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