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What you need to know

The State General Election was on Saturday 13 March 2021. If you’re an Australian citizen, aged 18 or older and have lived at your current address for one month, you were required to vote. In order to vote, you must be correctly enrolled. 

Know the rules

WAEC has put together a fact sheet about misleading electors. See it here.


Vote counting 

WAEC has put together a fact sheet about the vote count. See it here.


Didn’t vote at the election?

If you didn’t vote at the recent State election on March 13, we will be contacting you seeking your reason why you didn’t vote. You may be subject to a fine if you do not have a valid and sufficient reason for not voting. For more information about this process visit the Failure to Vote page.

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Return of Writ

The return of the election writ to the State Governor today marks the formal and legal closure of the 2021 Western Australian State Election.

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TAS 2021 State Election and Legislative Council Elections (Derwent, Mersey and Windermere)

The Western Australian Electoral Commission will be providing pre-poll voting services for Tasmanian electors for the Tasmanian State election and Legislative Council elections. 

See the full news article here.

Legislative Council final results

The counting and verification of votes for all the six Legislative Council regions has now been finalised.

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