Western Australians should continue to practise physical distancing where possible, maintain good personal hygiene at all times and get tested when unwell.
The WA Electoral Commission is continuing preparations for the March 13 State Election. Candidate nominations have closed and draws for ballot paper positions are complete.

If you’re concerned about voting in person you can apply for a postal vote. This is a two-stage process: firstly, you can visit our postal voting page or contact the Commission’s Call Centre (13 63 06) to be posted out an application form.


Once you have applied and your enrolment checked, ballot papers are sent to you from 22 February onwards. By law we cannot accept postal vote applications after 6pm on 10 March 2021. 
Everyone is eligible to vote early and you do not need a reason to vote early, either in person or by post.

COVID Safe voting plan

WA’s Health is our top priority. Click here to understand the practices we have put in place to ensure the 2021 State election adheres to National Guidelines, as set by Department of Health.

Applications for postal voting opens

Apply here for a postal vote.

Roll close

The electoral roll will close at 6pm. You need to be correctly enrolled to vote. Enrol, check or update your details.

Postal voting commences

Postal vote packages will start arriving in the mail. Mark your ballot papers, complete the declaration form and return by post immediately.

In person and tech assisted early voting commences

Early voting centres open their doors. Eligible electors can apply for a telephone vote from today.

Mobile polling may commence

Mobile polling in hospitals and aged care facilities may not be possible due to COVID-19 restrictions. Permanent residents of these facilities have been encouraged to become general postal voters.

Close of written applications for postal votes

You can no longer apply for a postal vote from 6.00pm.

In person early voting closes

All early voting centres will cease operating at 6.00pm.

Polling day

Polling places throughout the State will open for voting from 8am-6pm sharp. This is your last chance to vote.

to vote

Ways to vote

There are more voting options than just voting at your local polling place on Saturday 13 March.

Voting options this State Election include: postal voting, early in person voting, mobile polling and voting on Election day.

Assisted voting

There are a range of services available which include a variety of specialised equipment to assist electors who have particular needs to vote. See the Assisted Voting Guide here.

to vote

In person polling booths

There are a variety of options for electors wanting to vote early or on Election day. The places listed include locations with wheelchair access and assistive devices.

Overseas electors

Electors living or travelling overseas for an extended period can apply for a postal vote. See more information here.

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Why vote?

Why take your seat at the table?

Voting is your democratic right and is compulsory for Western Australian residents who are Australian citizens and 18 years of age or older.

In the Western Australian State Election, everyone can have an equal say in deciding our state’s future.

Because no matter who you are, or where you come from, your vote is worth the same as the next person’s. That’s the beauty of our democracy.

But true democracy is only made possible when we all participate — when we all ‘take our seat at the table,’ and vote.

The table is a symbol of our state, our government, and our community. It is full of different opinions, cultures, identities, and experiences.

It’s a table all are welcome to join. A place to be heard, and to listen to one another.

Your seat at the table is waiting. Take it, by voting in the State Election. Because WA’s future is yours to choose.

About the

What you need to know

The State General Election is on Saturday 13 March 2021. If you’re an Australian citizen, aged 18 or older and have lived at your current address for one month, you’re required to vote. In order to vote, you must be correctly enrolled. It is important you plan how, when and where you vote.

Know the rules

WAEC has put together a fact sheet about misleading electors. See it here.

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Changes to two regional Early Voting Centres

The WA Electoral Commission advises that two regional Early Voting Centres  have been delayed in opening.

The Karratha Early Voting Centre will open at midday today (Wednesday 24 February) due to delays in delivery of materials.

The Moora Early Voting Centre will open at 9am tomorrow (Thursday 25 February) due to unforeseen staff shortages.

The WA Electoral Commission apologises for any inconvenience these delays may have caused and reminds electors that early voting is available through until Friday 12 March.

In-person early voting under way in the 2021 State Election

In-person early voting has commenced in the 2021 State Election, with 70 Early Voting Centres opening this morning across Western Australia.

See the full news article here.

Close of Nominations Statistics

Nominations for the March 2021 State general election have closed and ballot papers are now being prepared for early and postal voting.

See the full news article here.

Find the latest important updates on the State Election 2021.

The electoral roll closed at 6pm on Thursday 11 February

It is now too late to enrol or update your details for the State Election on 13 March 2021, however you can still do this for the 2022 Federal Election.

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