Special Enrolment Categories

Electors may belong to one of the following categories of enrolment:

Silent elector

Electors who believe having their address shown on the publicly available Electoral Roll could put their personal safety or the safety of their family at risk can apply to be registered as a silent elector.

Silent elector status is not granted automatically. Each application is considered and a decision made based on whether it meets the legal conditions for silent elector status.

Apply online or download a form to become a silent elector (external link).

If you are not already enrolled at your current residential address or have changed your name since your last enrolment, you should also complete an enrolment form (PDF, external link) and send it with your application.

Voting by post at every election

In some circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for registration as a general postal voter. This means that ballot papers are automatically sent to you after the election has been announced and ballot papers have been printed.

An elector can apply to be registered as a general postal voter if the elector:

  • lives more than 20 kilometres by the shortest practicable route from the nearest polling place
  • is a patient in a hospital or similar institution
  • due to serious personal illness will be physically unable to travel to a polling place
  • is caring for a person who is seriously ill or infirm
  • is aged 70 years or over
  • is registered as an overseas elector
  • is registered as a silent elector or
  • is an elector who because of religious beliefs, or membership of a religious order is precluded from attending a polling place for all or most of the hours of polling.

Register online or download a form to become a general postal voter (external link)

Overseas elector

If you are going overseas you should let the Commission know.

If you have a fixed address overseas you can arrange for voting papers to be posted to you. Register online or download a form to become an overseas elector (external link).

If you are going overseas and believe that you will not be able to vote whilst overseas, then you should complete the overseas notification form (PDF, external link).

No fixed address elector

Electors who live in Australia but have no permanent residential address can apply for enrolment as a no fixed address elector. This includes people who are homeless, living in transitional or crisis accommodation or who are itinerant.

Apply online or download a form to enrol as an elector with no fixed address (external link).

This is not available to people who have a permanent home address but who are temporarily living elsewhere. For example, itinerant workers living away from home for periods of time, or persons travelling around Australia on extended holidays, but who have a permanent home to which they intend to return, do not qualify. People in these categories should remain enrolled for their home address.


Prisoners who are serving a sentence of less than one year may vote in State elections. To enrol or update your details as a prisoner complete the registration form (external link).

Enrolment for persons unable to sign their name due to physical incapacity

If you are unable to sign your name or make your mark due to a physical disability, you can get someone else to complete this enrolment form (external link) and sign it on your behalf.

Contact the Commission if you require further assistance.