About Us

The Western Australian Electoral Commission was established as a department of the Government of Western Australia by proclamation of the Acts Amendment (Electoral Reform) Act on the 30 October 1987. The Commission replaced the State Electoral Department which commenced operation when the first Electoral Act came into effect in 1904.

Our Purpose

To provide all Western Australians with accessible, efficient and high quality electoral and enrolment services.

Our Key Services

The Commission is responsible for the provision of services to its customers in the following areas:

  • maintaining the State Electoral Roll
  • conducting State Parliamentary elections and referenda, local government elections and other statutory and non-statutory elections
  • promoting community awareness of the electoral process.

Our Major Customers

  • Electors and potential electors
  • Members of Parliament
  • Local Government agencies
  • State Government agencies
  • Political parties
  • Candidates
  • Industrial unions and employer organisations
  • Teachers and students
  • Other Australian electoral authorities
  • Other electoral customers

For more information, see our Code of Conduct and our Customer Service Standards.