Refund Policy

This policy covers the scenarios in which the Commission may refund monies paid to the Commission. This policy:

  • identifies scenarios where a customer may be entitled to a refund
  • outlines responsibilities of customers when claiming the refund with the Commission
  • identifies the Commission’s legal and regulatory responsibilities.


  1. The Circumstances under which the Commission will consider a refund of fees are:


1.1 Overpayments

1.1.1 Overpayments are subject to the Electoral Commissioner’s overpayment

threshold, which states that overpayments:

  • in excess of $10.00 will be refunded automatically
  • $10.00 or less will not be refunded automatically


1.1.2 Refunds of any amount less than the non-refundable threshold

will only be made at the request of the applicant.


1.2 Administrative Error

1.2.1 Where an administrative error was made in processing an application, a

refund may be provided.

1.3 Customer Over-charged – System Error

1.3.1 If the Commission has processed an amount higher than should have

been levied (e.g., processed a credit card payment twice), the total amount overcharged is refundable.


2. Eligibility for claiming Refund


A refund is payable only to the applicant or if applicable, to the person who has paid for the service on behalf of an applicant. Refund is by Credit Card Reversal where available, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Cheque.


2.1 Refund by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

2.1.1   For customers living in Australia, customers are to provide valid bank account (BSB and Account numbers) details.

2.2.2   For customers living overseas, customers are required to provide SWIFT/BIC code and bank account details for EFT. Funds are transferred in Australian Dollars.



2.2 Refund by credit card reversal

2.2.1   Fees paid by credit card may be refunded to the same credit card if the reversal is processed within the same financial year as the payment.

2.2.2   Refund of payments by credit card in a different financial year can only be done via EFT or Cheque as per 2.1 and 2.3.


2.3 Refund by Cheque

2.3.1   If a customer is not able to receive a refund via credit card reversal and/or EFT as set out above, then a cheque refund can be processed. Cheques will be posted to the last known address of the customer.


If a payment error was made, you need to show proof of payment or provide a statutory declaration.

To apply for a refund, bring the original receipt to WESTERN AUSTRALIAN Electoral Commission Office or email it to or post it to: 

Level 2, 66 St Georges Terrace,

Perth, Western Australia 6000