Public Interest Disclosures

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 creates a process for the disclosure of public interest information. If you have a concern about the past, current or future conduct of the Western Australian Electoral Commission or a person associated with the Commission, making a disclosure under this legislation may offer protection for you and those who are the subject of your claims.

The sorts of issues that you may be concerned about could include:

  • improper conduct
  • an offence under State law, including corruption
  • administration matters affecting you
  • irregular or unauthorised use of public resources
  • substantial unauthorised use of, or substantial mismanagement of, public resources
  • conduct involving a substantial and specific risk of injury to public health, prejudice to public safety or harm to the environment.

You need to consider a number of factors before making a public interest disclosure. See the Public Sector Commission website for more information and read their guide Don't be afraid to speak up - Guide for disclosers. You can also refer to the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003.

If you wish to discuss making a disclosure, contact the PID Officer at the Western Australian Electoral Commission:

Public Interest Disclosure Officer
Western Australian Electoral Commission
Level 2, 66 St Georges Terrace

Telephone: 9214 0416

Please make sure that you mark any correspondence 'Private and Confidential'.

You can download a PID lodgement form (PDF, 42 kB) if you wish to make a public interest disclosure.

Some concerns may be better or more quickly resolved by making a complaint rather than a public interest disclosure. If you have any complaints about our staff or services please direct your concerns to the Commission by email at or by contacting the Commission.