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The Darling Range by-election returns and funding claims are available to the public.

The Western Australian Electoral Commission will provide Early Voting services for Victorian electors for the Victorian State Election. Electors can vote at: Level 2, 111 St George's Terrace Perth… read more

SMS messages are being sent this week to electors in Darling Range who appear not to have voted in the 23 June 2018 by-election, to advise them of the need to pay the fine or provide a valid and… read more

The September 2018 State quarterly enrolment statistics are now available. As at 30 September, total State enrolment had recovered to 1,622,723 after a decline in the previous period. Average… read more

During 2017-18 over 45,000 individuals directly participated in one of the various programs run by the Commission’s Electoral Education Centre. These programs ranged from visits by class groups of… read more

This week Apparent Failure to Vote Notices will be sent to electors in the Darling Range electoral district who appear not to have voted in the recent by-election. If they don’t have a valid and… read more

The report covering the recent State by-election in the district of Darling Range is now available. For every State general election or by-election, the Commission produces a detailed election… read more

The June 2018 quarterly enrolment statistics are now available. As of 30 June, total State enrolment was 1,617,646 and average district enrolment was 27,417. Since the roll close on 9 March 2015,… read more

The writ for the recent Darling Range by-election was today returned to the Office of Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. Final results were officially declared by the Returning Officer, Mr Phil… read more

The public funding figure has been updated for the 2018–2019 financial year to $1.906330.   As at 1 July 2018, the figure used to calculate the reimbursement of election funding has been adjusted (… read more