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The June 2018 quarterly enrolment statistics are now available. As of 30 June, total State enrolment was 1,617,646 and average district enrolment was 27,417. Since the roll close on 9 March 2015,… read more

The writ for the recent Darling Range by-election was today returned to the Office of Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. Final results were officially declared by the Returning Officer, Mr Phil… read more

The public funding figure has been updated for the 2018–2019 financial year to $1.906330.   As at 1 July 2018, the figure used to calculate the reimbursement of election funding has been adjusted (… read more

Counting operations in the 2018 Darling Range by-election have concluded for the weekend. As postal votes can be accepted up to 9.00am Thursday 28 June 2018, counting will recommence at 1.30pm… read more

The Clifton Hills Primary School will not be used as a polling place at the Darling Range By-election tomorrow, 23 June 2018, due to an accident that occurred on the premises yesterday and the… read more

Early voting in person will close today at 6.00pm at the Roleystone Hall, Byford Village Shopping Centre and the WAEC’s head Office. For address details or to view the district map, visit the… read more

Electors who wish to vote early in person at the Roleystone Hall or the Byford Village Shopping Centre will be able to do so until 7.00pm Monday to Thursday this week. All early voting for the… read more

Early Voting in the 2018 Darling Range By-election commenced this week. Applications for an Early Vote by post can be made online before Wednesday, 20 June at 6pm using the online postal vote… read more

When nominations closed at 12.00 noon today, eleven candidates had nominated for the Darling Range by-election to be held on Saturday 23 June 2018. For candidate details and early voting information… read more

A by-election for the State electoral district of Darling Range has been called for 23 June 2018. The writ was issued on Tuesday 22 May 2018. For full information including important dates,… read more