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The Government has Commissioned a Ministerial Expert Committee to review and report on the WA Electoral system for the election of Western Australian the Legislative Council.  The Ministerial Expert… read more

The return of the election writ to the State Governor today marks the formal and legal closure of the 2021 Western Australian State Election. There are 36 new Members of the State Parliament. The… read more

The Western Australian Electoral Commission will be providing pre-poll voting services for Tasmanian electors for the Tasmanian State election and Legislative Council elections (divisions of Derwent… read more

The counting and verification of votes for all the six Legislative Council regions has now been finalised. The Returning Officers for the three Perth metropolitan regions initiated the CountWA… read more

The counting and verification of votes for the three country Legislative Council regions was finalised on Thursday 1 April, with the respective Returning officers triggering the CountWA vote counting… read more

Click here for an update on: Legislative Council count Adjustments to selected Legislative Assembly results figures

Legislative Council Count Update Electronic scanning and counting of Legislative Council ballot papers marked ‘below the line’ for each of the six Legislative Council regions is now complete. This… read more

Vote counting update – week commencing Monday 22 March For the Legislative Assembly, until now the focus has been on processing and conducting progressive indicative counts of polling place ordinary… read more

Counting of votes in the State Election will continue today.  At the conclusion of counting last night, just under 32% of all votes had been counted, either at the polling booths across the state… read more

All Early Voting Centres will close at 6pm today. Find Early Voting Centre locations here. Alternatively, electors casting their vote tomorrow can find Polling Places here.