Access to Enrolment Information

Viewing the State Electoral Roll

The State Electoral Roll, containing names and addresses, is available for public inspection at the Commission's office and offices of the Australian Electoral Commission.

After the rolls close for a State election, the Commission will supply copies of the electoral roll to candidates for campaigning purposes. The Electoral Commissioner is also required to provide residents rolls for local government elections and enrolment information to Members of Parliament and Parliamentary Parties.

Who else may have access to enrolment information?

Access to enrolment information in printed or electronic form by others must be approved by the Electoral Commissioner.

Access is restricted to those cases where the public interest in making the information available outweighs protecting the privacy of personal information, such as when there is a strong community benefit, is required for law enforcement or for serious public health issues. Recipients of enrolment information may only be used for the permitted purposes agreed to when it was supplied. Penalties apply for misuse of enrolment information.

Enrolment information is never provided for commercial purposes.