All government agencies and their activities are governed by legislation. The following statutes are administered by the Commission:

Electoral Act 1907

Referendums Act 1983

These statutes provide the requirements enabling the Commission to conduct all aspects of State general elections, referendums and, after every State general election, to conduct the distribution of electoral boundaries.

In addition to these, the Commission conducts elections for local government bodies under the Local Government Act 1995 and for other non government bodies on request. Elections for non government bodies are also regulated by the relevant election rules contained in their constitutions.

Under provisions of the Juries Act 1957, the Commission also provides the Sheriff's Office with jury lists drawn from the State Electoral Roll.

The legislation listed below determines the principal activities of the Western Australian Electoral Commission.

Electoral Act amendments 2023

In November 2023 the Electoral Act 1907 was amended, bringing in reforms related to political finance, electoral material and modernisation of the Act. Learn more about the amendments to the Electoral Act.


Constitution Act 1889
Constitution Acts Amendment Act 1899
Election of Senators Act 1903
Electoral Act 1907 
Industrial Relations Act 1979
Local Government Act 1995
Referendums Act 1983


Electoral Regulations 1996
Electoral (Political Finance) Regulations 1996
Industrial Arbitration (Union Elections) Regulations 1980
Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997
Referendums Regulations 1984