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More information is available at Distribution Commission website.

Western Australia’s electoral boundaries must be reviewed midway between State elections. This process is undertaken by an independent Distribution Commission. Further information is available on the… read more

NSW electors may cast a vote away from home in the State election using iVote. This involves a two-step process where you will need to register first (applications opened on Monday 11 February 2019… read more

When planning your programs for the year ahead don’t forget to book a visit to the Electoral Education Centre or to arrange an in-school presentation or student council election run by experienced… read more

The WAEC will be providing a pre-poll voting service for electors of the Cheltenham and Enfield districts at the by-elections to be held on Saturday 9 February 2019. Pre-poll voting will be… read more

Commission staff are sometimes asked ‘What do you do in between State general elections?’ The answer … is essentially, run other elections. In the 2018 calendar year the WAEC conducted two State by-… read more

The Darling Range by-election returns and funding claims are available to the public.

The Western Australian Electoral Commission will provide Early Voting services for Victorian electors for the Victorian State Election. Electors can vote at: Level 2, 111 St George's Terrace Perth… read more

SMS messages are being sent this week to electors in Darling Range who appear not to have voted in the 23 June 2018 by-election, to advise them of the need to pay the fine or provide a valid and… read more

The September 2018 State quarterly enrolment statistics are now available. As at 30 September, total State enrolment had recovered to 1,622,723 after a decline in the previous period. Average… read more