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17 February

Campaigning at Early Voting Centres – Further Information

The following details are provided further to information included in State Election Bulletin #4 regarding the deployment of campaign or party workers at early voting centres and the issue of how to vote material.

Unless otherwise specified below, the Commission expects that campaign workers will be able to distribute election material to electors attending nearly all early voting centres (EVCs) throughout Western Australia.

Where campaign workers are offered the opportunity to assemble outside an EVC, party / candidate campaign literature will not be displayed inside the centre on a table.

Campaign workers will be unable to assemble outside any of the Perth Airport terminal venues, the two Perth CBD venues, the EVC located at 231 Balcatta Rd, Balcatta, nor at any of the temporary university sites.

A table will be placed inside the three Perth Airport domestic terminals (T1, T2 & T3), the two Perth CBD sites (Foyer of the BOQ Building & Shop 106 Forrest Chase), the Balcatta EVC and the UWA and Murdoch University sites, where party / candidate how to vote material can be displayed if provided to the Officer-in-Charge (this does not extend to posters and promotional items). It is up to candidates or party workers to supply this material to these early voting venues.

Such an arrangement for the display of how to vote material has not been approved for the three Edith Cowan University campus one-day sites and is not possible at the small Cobham and Skippers airport terminals.

With the Commission’s increase in reliance on accessing commercial premises for use as EVCs, access for campaign workers relies, in part, on the ongoing support of the landlord or property manager.

Campaign workers should remain mindful that visitors to some multi-purpose or commercial venues (eg. court houses, libraries, shopping centres) may not be there to cast an early vote and must not be badgered into taking how to vote cards. This has been a source of complaint at past elections at some EVCs and could lead to loss of access for campaign workers. The Commission will monitor all EVCs to ensure they are operating effectively and may need to review arrangements on a site by site basis if it becomes necessary.

iVote®  Candidate Information

What is the iVote system?

The iVote system is a form of voting using the internet or touch tone telephone at a location of your choice.

It is recommended that parties and candidates advise eligible electors of the availability of iVote.

Voting using iVote commences from 8am Monday 20th February.

Who can use iVote?

The iVote system is available to people enrolled in WA who:

  • are blind or have low vision
  • have literacy needs
  • or are otherwise incapacitated in a manner that makes voting independently very difficult.

How can an elector use iVote?

Register – 8am WST 13th February – 6pm WST 10th March 2017

  • Register on www.elections.wa.gov.au/ivote or phone 1300 6 ivote (1300 64 86 83)  or +61 8 9214 7200  (outside Australia)
  • Make a declaration of eligibility for using iVote
  • Provide a Personal Identification Number (PIN) of 6 digits
  • Be sent an 8 digit iVote number

Vote Cast (iVote) – 8am WST 20th February – 6pm WST 11th March 2017

  • Vote at   www.elections.wa.gov.au/ivote or phone 1300 6 ivote (1300 64 86 83) or +61 8 9214 7200 (outside Australia)
  • Sign in by using PIN and iVote number
  • Ballot papers are shown on screen (or IVR announced if using a phone)
  • Choose candidates by using a mouse, touchscreen, keyboard or telephone key pad
  • A receipt is issued once the vote is submitted
  • (Optional) Verification service is also available enabling an elector to check that the vote recorded was as intended.

Further Information

A voting demonstration facility along with further information on iVote is available on the iVote website. To access: visit www.elections.wa.gov.au/ivote or phone the iVote Help Desk on 1300 6 ivote (1300 64 86 83).

iVote® - “iVote is a registered trademark of the NSW Electoral Commission”

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