Funding and Disclosure

All political parties, associated entities, individual candidates, groups and other persons are required to submit a return to the Electoral Commissioner disclosing details of gifts received and expenditure incurred for election purposes.

There are two types of returns:

Any candidates at a State election or by-election can also apply to be reimbursed for electoral expenditure incurred, provided that they receive more than 4% of first preference votes. See Reimbursement of Electoral Expenditure for more information.

Search Returns

You can now search for annual and election returns online.

The public may also view returns free of charge at the Commission's offices. The returns are available four weeks after the required lodgement date. Annual returns are available the first working day after December 28 and election-related returns from 19 weeks after polling day.

The Political Finance Report is published annually, providing a comprehensive overview of all gifts and expenditures included in annual returns, and where relevant, election returns and electoral funding claims.

Summary: June 1996 to June 2022

Please note that the following table is for illustrative purposes only. All information should be confirmed by viewing the copies of the original returns available in PDF.

Federal election events are identified for information only. Funding and disclosure reporting specific to these events is administered by the Australian Electoral Commission.

Financial Year Total Incomea Total Electoral Expenditureb Total Reimbursementc Elections held
2021-2022 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00  
2020-2021 $27,789,656.12 $13,586,129.35 $5,067,287.93

2021 State election 

2019-2020 $12,507,359.16 $0.00 $0.00  
2018-2019 $17,633,044.75 $0.00 $0.00 2019 Federal election
2018 Federal by-election: Fremantle
2018 Federal by-election: Perth
2017-2018 $13,222,447.67 $587,761.94 $74,907.92 2018 Cottesloe by-election
2018 Darling Range by-election
2016-2017 $31,028,262.89 $19,220,744.34 $4,497,586.58 2017 State election
2016 Federal election
2015-2016 $17,788,261.63 N/Ad N/Ad 2015 Federal by-election: Canning
2014-2015 $11,908,371.98 $193,424.79 $32,797.64 2014 Vasse by-election
2013-2014 $18,516,881.36 N/Ad N/Ad 2014 WA Senate election
2012-2013 $22,651,853.62 $11,085,713.16 $3,979,355.09 2013 State election
2013 Federal election
2011-2012 $9,156,930.50 N/Ad N/Ad  
2010-2011 $14,020,029.73 $54,583.51 $28,674.86 2010 Federal election
2010 Armadale by-election
2009-2010 $9,654,778.08 $98,952.74 $27,287.06 2009 Willagee by-election
2008-2009 $16,816,332.04 $7,502,831.83 $3,265,302.41 2008 State election
2008 Fremantle by-election
2007-2008 $15,798,165.95 $57,984.73 $27,650.37 2008 Murdoch by-election
2007 Federal election
2006-2007 $7,439,459.55 $186,063.51 $30,174.87 2007 Peel by-election
2005-2006 $5,461,537.97 $131,712.40 N/Ae 2006 Victoria Park by-election
2004-2005 $14,792,949.24 $6,107,913.52 N/Ae 2005 State election
2004 Federal election
2003-2004 $6,634,247.77 N/Af N/Ae  
2002-2003 $4,552,547.00 N/Af N/Ae  
2001-2002 $7,985,957.00 $168,385.00 N/Ae 2001 Nedlands by-election
2001 Merredin by-election
2001 Federal election
2000-2001 $11,627,865.00 $6,223,830.00 N/Ae 2001 State election
1999-2000 $4,320,168.00 N/Af N/Ae  
1998-1999 $6,870,404.25 N/Af N/Ae 1998 Federal election
1997-1998 $3,809,845.89 N/Af N/Ae  
1996-1997 $6,458,937.52 $2,804,795.65 N/Ae 1996 State election

a Total income received includes all gifts and income received by political parties, associated entities as declared in annual returns, and also income received by candidates, legislative council groups, and other persons as declared in election returns where a State election event(s) occurred within that financial year.

b Total amount of electoral expenditure declared by candidates, legislative council groups, political parties and other persons for (all) State election events occurring within the financial year as declared in election returns.

c Total amount of reimbursement of electoral expenditure received by candidates, political parties and legislative council groups for (all) State election events occurring within the financial year as declared in election returns.

d No election returns or claims for reimbursement of electoral expenditure were received in the financial year as no State elections were held.

e Reimbursement of electoral expenditure commenced on 27 October 2006 following amendments to the Electoral Act 1907.

f No election returns were received as no State elections were held.

Local Government elections

Local government candidates and donors have a duty of disclosure for electoral donations. All queries should be directed to the local government's Chief Executive Officer.