Amalgamation Polls

The following Local Government Amalgamation Postal Polls were held on Saturday 7 February 2015.

  • City of Cockburn
  • City of Kwinana
  • Town of East Fremantle
  • City of South Perth
  • Town of Victoria Park

Results for the Amalgamation Polls can be found by searching on the List of Councils on our website.

Poll Timetable (PDF)

Close of Enrolment notice (PDF)

Notice of Elections (PDF)

Amalgamation Poll – Summary Data (PDF)


While the Local Government Act 1995 and the Regulations do not make specific provision for the presence of scrutineers at polls and referendums, the Commission believes it is in the public interest for the counting of votes at these polls to be scrutinised and transparent.

Accordingly, interested groups will be able to nominate scrutineers to the respective Returning Officer. Similar rules as exist at an election will apply, including limiting the number of scrutineers on the count floor at any given time. All scrutineers will need to complete an appointment form and have it endorsed by the Returning Officer.

Key Dates
Close of Rolls
05/01/2015 5.00 pm
Scheduled lodgement of election packages with Australia Post
Polls Close
07/02/2015 6.00 pm