2015 North Metropolitan Region Re-count

On 1 April 2015, the Electoral Commissioner was informed by Her Excellency the Governor that the Hon. Ljiljanna Ravlich MLC, Member for the North Metropolitan Region, had resigned and her position had subsequently become vacant.

In accordance with legislative requirements, the vacancy was advertised on Saturday 11 April 2015 in the West Australian and The Australian newspapers. Nominations for the vacancy closed at 12 noon on Tuesday 21 April 2015.

At the close of nominations the Electoral Commissioner had received two formal nominations for the North Metropolitan Region.

Candidate name Party affiliation
POUSTIE Cameron The Greens (WA)

Under the provisions of s.156D of the Electoral Act 1907, full re-counts of all ballot papers cast in the most recent Legislative Council election, held on 9 March 2013, commenced after the close of nominations on 21 April 2015, having regard for the exclusion of the Hon. Ljiljanna Ravlich MLC in the North Metropolitan Region.

On completion of the count, the Electoral Commissioner declared Martin Pritchard to be elected as the member of the Legislative Council for the North Metropolitan Region.

A summary of the re-count is available for download.

2015 North Metropolitan Region Re-count (XLS, 49.5 kB)


The Honourable Ljiljanna Ravlich MLC, Australian Labor Party member of the Western Australian Legislative Council (Upper House) for North Metropolitan Region has resigned her seat effective from 10 March 2015.

Process for filling the vacancy

The President of the Council is required to inform the Governor when there is a vacancy.

The Governor will then formally inform the Electoral Commissioner.

In accordance with Electoral Act 1907 Part IVA - Filling vacancies in the Council s.156, the Electoral Commissioner will publish ‘Notification of Vacancy’ advertisements in two newspapers circulating generally within the region.

Following these advertisements any ‘qualified person’ may nominate to fill this vacancy. Nominations must be made to the Electoral Commissioner in writing and be received before the close of nominations at 12 noon on the tenth day after the call for nominations advertisement is published.

A qualified person, in relation to this vacancy, means a person who:

  1. was a candidate for the North Metropolitan Region at the 2013 Legislative Council election but was not elected;
  2. has not become a member of the Council since that election; and
  3. is qualified to be elected and is not disqualified from being elected as a member of the Council (see section 76A).

Upon close of nominations all qualified candidates who have nominated will be included in the re-count as ‘consenting candidates’.

A media alert and notice on the WAEC website will confirm that nominations have officially closed and will list each of the candidate nominations received. Candidates and observers are welcome to view the re-count.

The re-count is scheduled to occur the same day that nominations close at the Commission offices, 111 St Georges Terrace Perth.


All ballot papers will be re-counted, excluding Ms Ravlich as a candidate. The re-count will continue until a ‘consenting candidate’ is elected.

Upon completion of the re-count a new member to fill the vacant seat will be elected.

The Electoral Commissioner will advise the Governor of the new member.

Results will be released to the media and also published on the WAEC website.

This notice will be updated with relevant deadlines once formal notification of the vacancy is received.

For more information

Click here for 2013 North Metropolitan Region distribution of preferences.


- Kay Heron, Manager State Elections – 9214 0430
- Media enquiries to media@waec.wa.gov.au