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The next round of Disclosure Returns has been published and is available on the Candidates and Parties tab on the Home page.

To be able to include a party name adjacent candidate names on a ballot paper, political parties must be registered in compliance with the Electoral Act. Amongst other things, this requires the… read more

This timetable illustrates the likely critical dates and milestones for the conduct of the next State general election. For a Saturday 11 March 2017 election, rolls will close at 6.00pm on Thursday… read more

Each financial year the Electoral Commissioner prepares and submits an annual financial report to the Minister for Electoral Affairs. The report summarises political financial disclosures and public… read more

The Strategy and Commitments Charter for the 11 March 2017 State general election outlines the Commission’s service level commitments to particular stakeholders, as well as our operational objectives… read more

The following amendments to the Electoral Act came into effect on 16 August 2016. Early voting The eligibility requirements for casting an early vote have been repealed.  Anyone wishing to cast… read more

At the March 2017 State general election, Mount Lawley will be the smallest Legislative Assembly electorate by area, while North West Central will be the largest. There will be 43 metropolitan Perth… read more

The final audit report and recommendations on the iVote system is now available.   View the final report (PDF 1.1MB) and the letter of audit (PDF 471KB) here. For further information on the iVote… read more