Local government extraordinary elections

The Commission is presently conducting a number of extraordinary postal elections for local governments in both regional WA and the Perth metro area.

A number of circumstances can result in an extraordinary election. The most common reasons include - a sitting Councillor being elected to the position of Mayor or Shire President; a Councillor passing away or resigning; and a vacancy not being filled at the preceding ordinary elections.

Electoral Education

The Commission staff at our Electoral Education Centre are having another busy year.

As well as hosting excursions and visiting schools to provide electoral education to over 36,000 people so far this year, they also conduct school elections.

In fact, they have conducted 71 elections and have another 32 booked until the completion of the school year.

The Commission sees such activity as being vital in educating the next generation of voters and ensuring citizens understand the voting system and how to make their vote count.  

Local Government Elections – 19 October 2019

The results of all 90 local government elections conducted by the WA Electoral Commission have been declared.
There were a number of close counts which required recounts to be conducted and subsequently, in a number of elections five or less votes separated a winning candidate from the next closest. 

Once all data is available, a final state-wide participation rate of around 28.5% is likely. This is lower than the last elections in 2017 where 34.5% was reached but is aligned with the trend of previous participation rates: 27.76% in 2013 and 27.5% in 2015.

Results declared

Returning Officers across WA have now completed the 2019 Local Government election counts. Results can be found here.

The counting of Councillor ballot papers for the City of Greater Geraldton will resume tomorrow morning and we are still awaiting verification of the Lake Grace result.

Polling closed and counting underway

79 Electoral Commission Returning Officers across Western Australia are now conducting ballot paper counts for the various mayoral & ward elections or referenda counts in the 2019 Local Government elections.
At the conclusion of each count the figures are double checked by Commission Head Office staff before the Returning Officers formally declare the results and have them published on our website.