Queensland voters in Western Australia

Owing to current pandemic circumstances and recent changes to electoral laws in Queensland, the Queensland Electoral Commission has determined that eligible electors outside of that state who wish to vote early will only be able to do so via either a postal vote or through telephone assisted voting. The WAEC will not be providing in-person early voting services for Queensland voters for the 31 October general election.

2021 State General Election Strategy and Commitments Charter

This strategy document outlines the Western Australian Electoral Commission's broad aims and expectations in conducting the 2021 State General Election as well as key service level commitments and performance measures.

This document is intended to serve as an information and accountability tool, enhancing electoral transparency while also assisting voters, candidates, registered political parties and the media to prepare for the election and to interact openly with the Commission.

Election funding reimbursement amount

The public funding figure has been updated for the 2020–2021 financial year to $1.96699.

As at 1 July 2020, the figure used to calculate the reimbursement of election funding has been adjusted (based on CPI) from $1.92713 to $1.96699 per vote for eligible candidates. Any candidate who receives more than 4% of first preference votes at a State election or by-election can apply to be reimbursed for election expenditure incurred. The election funding reimbursement amount, or public funding figure, is calculated on the 1 July each year, as prescribed in the Electoral Act 1907.

Update from the Commissioner

The next State General Election is scheduled to be held on Saturday 13 March 2021. 

The WA Electoral Commission is currently planning for the event. At the same time the Commission is monitoring government health advice closely to ensure the health and safety of all voters, election participants and WAEC staff. We will integrate all health advice into our planning activities. As a result there may be procedural and operational changes made as we get closer to the date, in order to comply with government health advice and to mitigate infection risks for electors and staff.

2021 State general election timeline

The next State general election is planned for Saturday 13 March 2021.

This will be the third State election since amendments to the Electoral Act 1907 in 2011, which fixed general elections for both houses of parliament as being held on the second Saturday in March every four years.

The timeline for the 2021 election shows that the election writs are scheduled to be issued on the first Wednesday of February and nominations for candidate positions will open thereafter.