Forthcoming local government elections

Western Australians are reminded that the next major electoral event in this State is the biennial local government ordinary elections.

While election day will be Saturday 19 October 2019, rolls for these elections will close at 5.00pm Friday 30 August.

Most councils opt to have their election conducted as a postal ballot, although many smaller (in terms of the number of electors) country councils run their elections as in-person ballots. The timetables for both election formats are available on this site.

TAS Legislative Council Election

Divisions of Montgomery, Nelson & Pembroke - Saturday 4 May 2019

TAS electors enrolled in the above districts may cast a vote away from home in the election during the pre-polling period from the WA Electoral Commission office.

Pre-polling opens from Tuesday 15 April until Friday 3 May, during business hours between 8:30am – 4:30pm. The office is however closed on election day and on the following Public Holidays - Friday 19/4/19; Monday 22/4/19 and Thursday 25/4/19.

Election details and postal vote applications are all on the TAS website.

NSW State Election - Saturday 23 March 2019

NSW electors may cast a vote away from home in the State election using iVote. This involves a two-step process where you will need to register first (applications opened on Monday 11 February 2019), with voting opening at 8am AEDT Monday 11 March 2019. When completing the online application you will need to have some identification handy such as Drivers Licence; Passport or Medicare Card.

Applications for iVote will close at 1pm AEDT Saturday 23 March 2019 (Election Day).